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Victor Insurance

Digital marketing campaigns & design

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About This Work

I worked in collaboration with Outre Creative in the UK and took the Victor Insurance Act-On Online representation from composition to published presence. I designed and integrated brand graphics, developed web pages, and published production landing pages and interactive forms for use in Social Media/PPC lead gather campaigns. Work included; graphics, HTML 5 responsive web design development, Act-On administration, production of promotional assets, and enabling reporting. I used custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that expanded the render effects and capabilities of the contact management platform. See sample assets:

About Victor Canada: A member of Victor Insurance Holdings, formerly known as The Schinnerer Group and one of the largest managing general underwriters in the world. Victor is committed to empowering brokers, their clients and direct consumers through innovation and a nimble, change-oriented business philosophy. Our enhanced technology solutions are driven by these core values, while we also remain focused on traditional insurance services to support brokers and clients across all industries with specialized underwriting expertise.

Work Process

Created user path strategy and assets to support two unique Pay Per Click and Brand friend campaigns with lead gather assets and automated nurture email campaigns.

1. Brand-forward strategy & user path dev

2. Develop production assets

3. Install assets, publish campaigns engage reporting