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Robert Alan Stokes creates dynamic advertising, promotion and digital campaigns. Due to his skills in strategy, art, graphic design, web development, video and media communications, he implements dynamic brand building solutions. He's a new-age marketer delivering promotions that propagate a rich consumer experience across print, space or web.

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Robert Alan Stokes is a marketer and designer with significant experience in producing effective promotional elements. He has a flair for branding and devising creative solutions. He has honed his skills in writing, graphic design, web design, prototyping, team building and project management with real-world experience.

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Marketing Creative Skills

  • Creative Direction

    Robert Alan brings a unique mix of creative skills to a communications campaign, he likes to develop a deliberate style for creative that drives home a message. He brings a unique mix of creative skills to a communications campaign. From crisp writing to tight design and rich user experiences. His production deliverables continually deliver on campaign objectives.

    Having led creative direction on marketing communications campaigns for more than 30 enterprises, RA Stokes has the real-world experience to build creative that cuts through media clutter. As a contemporary artist, "I create a deliberate style to creative presentation that rings true with the message. From concept to publication, I like to bring all the details into a balanced order." Much of his work is described as fresh with a timeless appeal.

  • Branding

    Having led creative direction of brand-development campaigns for more than 30 enterprises, RA Stokes has the real-world experience to take a brand to the next level. "To me a brand is the overall perception of a customer's expectation and realization of a promise." Simply put, purchases are made because someone believes that the value they will gain from the product is equal to, or greater than the amount of money that they are parting with to have it.

    Branding establishes what the customer should expect. Consumers believe the promise of the brand, because of the things that they've seen or because of their experience with the product. Effective brand marketing has sound strategy and builds a promise. This includes; developing a unique promotional platform and leveraging opportunities to tell a dynamic story through each part of a distribution channel.

    “To achieve this, I devise dynamic messaging, and then present it in way that cuts-through-clutter and builds a benefit-centric understanding of the product, with the intent of forming genuine customer relationships.”

  • Copywriting

    First there was the word. From headlines and offers to news releases and technical papers, Robert Alan brings the message in focus with wording that is worthy of resonation.

    Good writing is the foundation of any campaign. With more than two-dozen years of professional writing experience in promotional communications, you’ve most likely already read some of RA Stokes work in an advertisement, product brochure or web page. "Most messaging should tell a decent story. I’ve had much success in promotional writing by speaking to the reader, and not at them." If you are looking for a benefit centric approach to promotional messaging, then you would do well to have Robert Alan compose a few verses for you.

  • Design

    Robert Alan brings a unique mix of creative skills from sketches and water colors to desktop publishing and electronic media. With more than 12,000 hours of design experience, he has honed his design practice, with real-world experience and accumulated many wow’s.

    As a contemporary artist, “I bring a deliberate style to design that rings-true with the product. From concept to production, I like to bring all the details into a balanced order.” Much of his work is described as fresh with a timeless appeal.

  • Web design | Front-end development

    Stokes has significant experience with web-based promotions. Due to his skills in marketing communications, he is able to write, design and structure content into user-friendly web experiences. He is expert at new-to-the-web work, and can effectively take a project from concept to published presence.

    Robert Alan has expert skills with Adobe Creative Suite working in; InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere and Acrobat. He is fluent in many website content management systems, including; ASP.Net Storefront, WordPress, ZenCart and SharePoint. Perform Linux Apache web server administration and SQL database management. Responsive website design (RWD) development and content management with Adobe Dreamweaver. Hand code with HTML, HTML5, XML, PHP and CSS3, as well as integrating Javascript, AJAX and JQuery effects. Manage online properties. Optimize graphics for Web. Build displays and content for banners and landing pages.

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RA Stokes

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RA Stokes

Robert Alan Stokes / Beaverton / Oregon / USA

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